What are Long Codes?

Long Codes are 10-digit numbers, which cell phone users can use to contact an organisation for additional information or a call back.

Why use Long Codes?


Long Codes are a cost-effective, and convenient way for your customers, or potential customers to contact you at a standard rate or free of charge.

Available on Cell-C, MTN, Virgin Mobile, Telkom Mobile and Vodacom, Long Codes can be sent from cellular subscribers’ handsets at a standard rate. Usually Long Codes, or please call me lines, are offered for free to customers, and allow for person-to-person communication.

Using virtual SIM hosting, Long Codes are a reliable high-performance method of receiving up to 50 SMS's per second and can be used without the normal restrictions of SIM card hosting. If running a specific campaign, you can customise the response sent to the client or where the incoming SMS should be sent, via email or to another mobile number.

Long Code Pricing

Long Codes are only available on South African networks, with setup fees paid in advance.

Setup Fee (per Long Code) R3500 Once off
Outgoing Reply An SMS Standard SMS Rates
Line rental R1800 Monthly

Please note: Prices exclude VAT.