Cloud Backup

Online Backup protects your precious files by keeping a copy safely online, in the cloud. It’s hassle-free, easy to install, completely secure, file sharing and backs up all your important files, no matter how many you’ve got!
  • Keep Your Files Safe
  • Backs up all of your files – no limit on space
  • Hassle free and easy to install
  • Complete peace of mind


How does it work

1. Choose Your Files

Net Drive will backup all of the files and folders that you choose. Once the initial backup is complete, Net Drive will automatically save any changes to your files or backup any new files added.
You can set your backup schedule and Net Drive will run in the background, without you having to do anything

2. Store your files online

All data transferred to the cloud is incredibly secure and is protected by AES-256 encryption.

3. View your files anywhere

Access your files, play music and video, view and edit Office documents & more from our feature packed web portal. Plus share your files with friends or co-workers in seconds!