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Sign up for 100Mbps Fibre Internet during January and get your installation FREE!

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Stay connected

Fibre makes communicating with friends and family easier than ever. Our VOIP services saves you money and enable you to make crystal clear local and international voice calls over your fibre connection. Video calls with your loved ones, using applications such as Skype, are now clearer than ever.

Work from home

A home office with business speed connectivity means faster uploads and downloads , enabling acces to video conferencing, business services in the cloud, or to simply send and receive large files hassle free.

Be Entertained

Life is too short to continue suffering with buffering, Vox Telecom Fibre provides you uninterrupted access to online HDTV and video content, music streaming, smooth gaming and faster downloads of your favorite HD movies and series.

Increase security

Connect your existing home security cameras to your fibre broadband connection to monitor your home or property directly via your smart phone or tablet.

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